Huskeradio Hosting Debates

-Monday, October 19th, 5 PM: Mayor Race with Brandon Kelliher and John Hales-Tuesday, October 20th, 5 PM: City Council, Ward 2 Pete Volz and Jim Agler-Tuesday, October 20th, 6 PM: City Council, Ward 3 Don Kurre and Brad Garrick-Wednesday, October 21st, 5 PM: City Council, Ward 1 Donna Tryon and Jim Backenstose-Wednesday, October 21st, 6… Continue reading Huskeradio Hosting Debates

Early Voting

Are you looking for information about early voting? If so check out the information on Nebraska Secretary of State’s web page at: You’ll find information about voting on the Lincoln County Clerk’s web site as well. The Clerk’s web site is:

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During Isolation

The carpet was not a stable platform for my bass pedals. I figured a pedal board would solve that problem. So finding myself in isolation I made one. The notches in the back of the board were intended to allow cable and power access. However, I did not plan very well and have decided to… Continue reading During Isolation

City Council Wards

Since I am a candidate for City Council Ward 3, several people have asked me what City Council Ward they are in. Below you will find a map of City Council Wards. Click on the map to enlarge it.

Easter – 2018

Happy Easter 2018. We had snow on Easter 2018. It was a great snow but quickly melting as the temps got above freezing. Ben, Casey, Amelia and Arthur came over for an Easter Egg Hunt. We think Amelia and Arthur found all the Easter eggs that the Easter Bunny hid. I guess that will be… Continue reading Easter – 2018

Arthur’s First Birthday

Arthur celebrated his first birthday today. We had a party at Memorial Park. We enjoyed Birthday Cake, Cup Cakes and the splash pad. We had a great time. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARTHUR! Top picture Don, Arthur and Imo. The second picture Casey, Arthur, Ben and Amelia.

Irregulars at Fort Cody Music Series

We played the Fort Cody Music Series on Thursday (7-20). It was hot but the songs were cool and the audience enthusiastic. Thanks to everyone who came out to listen and the the Fort Cody team for inviting us to play.  Thanks to Shirley and Pam for the picture.