Open Mic — And the Music Played On

Open Mic on Friday was spectacular—Why? You might ask. For one reason the distinctive range of music framed with readings from Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Robert Browning.  I do have to mention Mick’s song, “If Money ran from my Nose” filled the house with deafening laughter. The banter between Scott Lucas and Jack Ostergard pulled the audience into their original poetry .  For me,  the Jam that began around 10:30 and lasted until the early morning when traffic lights on Jeffers flash was the best part of the evening. Oh the music. My fingers are raw this morning in the way raw is the sign of long and caught up jamming. The gift of a jam is the challenge it presents to this musician–moments when the music stretches my meager skills and other times no matter how fleeting I  feel I’m in the groove and the musicians become one in the music. Thanks to all the musicians George, Tim, Ed, Scott, Maggi, Vicki, and Sharon. Larry joined the jam shortly after the bewitching hour.

Ethan’s rendition of the Who’s “Behind Blue Eyes” caught my imagination and sparked memories of my younger days. The bass line in that song is absorbing. I found the tabs and look forward to playing it. I hear the song’s mirroring of the universal pain of being misunderstood.

Deep into the night I found myself in conversation over the reasons the music of the 60’s and 70’s seems so enduring. The discussion started as a 16-year old guitarist brought a Jimmy Hendrix song to life there in the bookstore. It was not the first time a song from that time frame was played by someone younger than the boomers who stood with nostalgia reflecting from their souls.

Live music is compelling and time stops and my soul is refreshed beyond all expectation birthed  earlier that evening. This was a night to remember.


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