North Platte’s 1913 Building

NP's 1913 buildingI toured the 1913 building this morning. The building that served as the US Post Office and Federal building sits on the corner of 5th and Jeffers. It is owned by the City of North Platte. Currently the building is empty and in need of attention. Many of the building’s original features including marble stairs, oak doors and woodwork and ceiling moldings survived the passage of time. The question is, “What to do with the 1913 Post Office Building?” I’ve heard many suggestions, condos, art museum, offices, shops, or conference center. These are all good ideas, yet what about the money? Some person or entity needs to have the money to finance the needed renovations. Like many other people I want to see the building saved. It is a grand old building and could serve as a focal point for renewal of downtown North Platte. I know there are several people in this community who would like to see this building saved. I wonder if enough people have a level-five commitment to save this building. I’ll ask, “What is the next concrete action we need to take to save this building? I’m interested in hearing your ideas for the 1913 building. Leave a comment on my blog or E-mail me at You will find more pictures from our tour here.


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