Rail Fest 2007

Rail Fest 2007I participated in the January meeting of the Original Town Association tonight. I started attending their meetings because of a invitation I received and became hooked. I find the “Can Do” attitude of the Original Town Association inspiring. Here is a group of people who, asking what can we do to make our community better, took action rather than waiting for someone else to do it for them. Their vision and enthusiasm is contagious.

The Original Town Association is currently planning the first annual Rail Fest, Rail Fest 2007. Rail Fest a railroad appreciation days for rail fans and employees will be held September 21 – 23, 2007 in North Platte, Nebraska. The purpose of Rail Fest 2007 is:

  • An annual city-wide celebration to recognize the contributions made by the Union Pacific Railroad and its employees to the past, present and future development of North Platte, Nebraska.
  • Show support for members of the existing Union Pacific Railroad community and welcome new members of that community from other cities and states.
  • Focus on the Railroad Heritage of North Platte
  • Create an interactive event for railroad and steam engine enthusiasts and employees from around the nation.
  • Host a Trade Show for Rail Industry Suppliers
  • Increase awareness of the Original Town Area
  • Raise funds for improvements to the Original Town Area.

I’m fascinated by the railroad, a gift I received from my father. Who, even to this day, is an avid railroad buff. I like the idea of a Rail Fest because it celebrates much of what is great about North Platte. An event like this helps us preserve our past while creating the future, embracing the values of this community. For more information about the Rail Fest visit the web site here.


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