A Greeting for the New Year

Walk in the woodsA New Years greeting with the words from Barry Howard.

The acrimonious debate intensifies even as
the very purpose of the dialogue becomes
diffuse, lost in a contest for political power
and influence over of a perceived national
moral compass.

As the poet Mathew Arnold observed in
Dover Beach, “…and we are here as on a
darkling plain swept with confused alarms
of struggle and flight, where ignorant
armies clash by night.”

We invite our long time friends, clients
colleagues and the many recent additions to
our professional and personal life this past
year to join us in our advocacy for reason
and a renaissance of cooperation at all
levels of society.

Though momentarily befogged, There Is a
light at the end of the tunnel!

My very best wishes for a happy,
healthy, prosperous and rational
new year.

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