A New Beginning

Tonight marks the beginning of a new chapter in my life. Once the North Platte City Council voted to place on file the results of the November 2, 2010 election my term as the Ward 3 representative to the City Council ended. I do have mixed feelings in leaving the Council. It has been a great learning experience for me. I know more about North Platte than I did before becoming a member of the Council. I’ve made a number of friends during my time as an elected representative of the people of Ward 3 and North Platte. I was given a number of opportunities to be part of helping move North Platte forward. I do want to thank the people of North Platte who supported me over the last four years. I also want to thank the other seven members of the City Council. I’ve grown to appreciate the contribution you make to the City with you service on the Council. I  also have a deeper appreciation for the City’s employees. I’ve seen them from a unique perspective and acknowledge the time, effort and commitment they have for our City. They are an asset to the good life in North Platte. I also want to thank my family who have supported me and made it possible for me to serve on the City Council. Their love and support are the foundation of my life. I also  thank my co-workers at the North Platte Catholic Offices of the Diocese of Grand Island. I do appreciate their support,understanding and encouragement. They are turly grace for my life.

Look for me at Rail Fest, Playing Bass with the Flat Rock Irregulars, and reading poetry at A to Z‘s Open Mic.  I invite you to join me at any of these venues as the band plays on.

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