A New Water Heater

Water heaterWe are now the proud owners of a new water heater. After a weekend’s worth of vacuuming water out of our basement we identified the source of the elusive leak. Ah the water heater. The old water heater, just months out of warrenty, wasn’t leaking from an easily detectable location. It took Armesher’s to properly diagnose the problem and dry out our basement. The new water heater has a 6 year warrenty not the measly 5 year warrenty of the old model. The new water heater is a closed system designed to keep me from starting a fire should I choose to filling my lawn mower near by. I’m not sure why I’d want to fill the gas tank of my lawm mower in my basement. I think this is known as progress. So, for another 6 years we can to take our water heater for granted.

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