An Afternoon with the Carousel

Don workingIn response to a request, or was it really a challenge, at a recent City Council meeting I took a turn staffing the carousel at Cody Park. Even though it was a cloudy cool day the park has a steady flow of traffic. The time I staffed the carousel went quickly as children and adults took turns riding the horses on the carousel. I knew the riders whose imagination took them to someplace well beyond Cody Park. Young children with apprehension written all over their face screeched with glee as the carousel began its journey. The carousel is a magical place.

Over in the shelter a couple exchanged wedding vows and began a new chapter in their life. The young ring bearers one in a tux and the other in a fancy dress shared a ride on the carousel. What a wonderful place this Cody Park is a respite from the other activities of life were a ride is 50 cents and a hamburger just a dollar and a small soft serve only a half dollar. I’m tired but it was a rewarding afternoon.

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