As the Garden Grows

Veg-garde-2013We finally planted our vegetable garden last night. Four tomato plants, three pepper plants and four rows of green beans. We’ve had great experience with green beans and peppers in past gardens. Tomatoes, well they’ve been hit or miss. This year we got some great fertilizer from Tom’s farm so I’m expecting a very fruitful garden.

We use the broken water jugs as mini greenhouses to protect the plants. Good thing I put them on last night the strong wind and heavy rain would have battered them. Once they get a good start in the garden or get to big I will take jugs off.

I think this is the latest we’ve planted the garden. Time just got away from us. So we will see what kind of vegetables we get this year


The flower garden we planned last year is doing well. Several of the perennials we planted didn’t make it through the winter. We cut down our watering at the end of the growing season last year and didn’t water through the winter. The drought took it’s toll.

The Husker Reds that we planted all came up. They are really a hearty plant. tells us, “This is an easy and outstanding perennial, selected in Nebraska and tolerant of harsh conditions. Plants form a sturdy mound of leaves, beet-red during the spring and fall, greener in summer. Upright stems of very pale-pink tubular flowers appear during the summer months.” I bought the plants as much for their name as anything else.

Imo received some peonies from a friend in honor of her son Eli. We weren’t sure how they would do this year with such a harsh dry summer and winter. But all the plants came up and two of them promise to bloom. I learned that ants help peonies bloom. How facinating.

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