Can you name the Ten Commandments?

Stephen Colbert asked Member of Congress Lynn Westmoreland of Georgia, to name the Ten Commandments. This congressman co-sponsored a bill to display the Ten Commandments in Congress. Westmoreland was unable to name all ten. Colbert asked, “What are the Ten Commandments?”

Westmoreland answered, “You mean all of them?–Um… Don’t murder. Don’t lie. Don’t steal Um… I can’t name them all.”

I’m not making this up. A video of the interview is available here. Westmoreland includes a picture of himself with Colbert on his own web site here. Read the bill Westmoreland co-sponsored here.

This exchange implies that it is clearly important to “…display of the Ten Commandments in the chamber of the House of Representatives” and less important to be able to name the Ten Commandments.

The importance of the Ten Commandments is diminished when we forget them no matter where they are displayed. If we knew the Ten Commandments and most importantly live by them, they would be written on our hearts and displayed in our lives. I do know it is easier to display the Ten Commandments than it is to live by them.

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