MPCC Jazz Band at Linden Court

The MPCC Jazz Band played at Linden Court this afternoon. We played our Christmas play list. We had a great audience. I enjoy playing with the band. The Band is directed by Ron Daly. Thanks to John’s family for the picture. I’m holdin’ out the bottom end on the bass.

Playing at the Historical Museum

Irregulars playing at the Lincoln County Historical Museum’s “Old Fashioned Corn Feed.” What a great day. We started off playing at the Farmers Market and then went to the Museum. Filling the air with music this Saturday. Loved it!      


The Flat Rock Irregulars played at the Lincoln County Historical Museum Heritage Festival this morning. We had a great time. Thanks for coming out and listening.

Flat Rock Irregulars at Mac’s Creek In Lex

On Wednesday, June 25, 2014 we played for St. Ann’s Parish Youth Program at the Mac’s Creek Winery in Lexington, Nebraska. We had a great time. Our first major road trip. Pictured are Gary, Ed, Don, Maggi and Stu. The Flat Rock Irregulars. Thanks to Linda for the picture.

Irregulars at Whistle Stop Outdoor Market

            We played at the Whistle Stop Outdoor Market today. We had fun! Thanks for the pictures Morgan. For more pictures from our performance at the Whistle Stop Outdoor Market visit the photo gallery on the Flat Rock Irregulars site here.