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  • Memories

    While clearing over the weekend I found this picture of our dog Cassey and Jessica’s Maggie. They are no longer with us but were great pets. Cassey was a rescue dog we received from a friend. I remember how afraid  of loud noises Cassey was. We had to take special precautions with her over the […]

  • A New Year’s Eve Party

    I sang in the New Year at A to Z Books New Year’s Eve Open Mic extravaganza. We had a great time sharing poems, stories, skits and music. I read one of my favorite poems, “The Spell of the Yukon” by Robert Service. A gentleman, whose name I did not get, showed me pictures of […]

  • A Greeting for the New Year

    A New Years greeting with the words from Barry Howard. The acrimonious debate intensifies even as the very purpose of the dialogue becomes diffuse, lost in a contest for political power and influence over of a perceived national moral compass. As the poet Mathew Arnold observed in Dover Beach, “…and we are here as on […]

  • Sarah and Alex’s Wedding

    I went to Louisville, Kentucky this past weekend to celebrate my niece’s wedding. Sarah and Alex were married at the Second Presbyterian Church in Louisville. It was a great celebration and I wish Sarah and Alex all the best. All my siblings were in Louisville for the wedding. Kathleen, of course the mother of the […]

  • Open Mic — And the Music Played On

    Open Mic on Friday was spectacular—Why? You might ask. For one reason the distinctive range of music framed with readings from Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Robert Browning.  I do have to mention Mick’s song, “If Money ran from my Nose” filled the house with deafening laughter. The banter between Scott Lucas and Jack Ostergard pulled […]

  • When a Book Store Closes

    Over the lunch hour, I stopped in Waldenbooks to see what bargains I could find. I admit I felt more like a vulture picking over the carcass of a once proud beast than a shopper. I found three books selling for 65% off. As the Clerk encourage me saying, “Whatever you purchase I don’t have […]

  • New Song for Open Mic

    I’m learning a new song for Open Mic this week. I first heard the song at the WTHH Retreat I participated in last week. Dan sang, “The Field Behind the Plow” by Stan Rogers. Here is Rogers singing “The Field Behind the Plow.” I like the song because of the details of rural life and […]

  • Partners in Prayer

    About once a month I receive a green postcard in the mail. The title of the card is “Partners in Prayer.” It says, Thank you for the important work you do in serving us as citizens. It has been our joy on this day to pray for you and your family as you serve us […]

  • Something I Noticed

    I noticed today that change came to the office supply of bathroom tissue. Our bathroom tissue dispenser is an industrial type that locks the roll. Someone had replaced a role and I noticed the new role did not fit in the dispenser. So what happened? The role is smaller. The role on the right is […]

  • Jim McGinnis — Rest in Peace

    I learned tonight that Jim McGinnis died on Thursday. This was very shocking news. I’ve known Jim since at least 1982, He gave a presentation the Terre Haute Deanery Center sponsored back in the day. He was a speaker at the Nebraskaland Festival of Faith several years ago. We will all miss Jim and remember […]