Category: Grandchildren

  • Earth Day Celebration

    Amelia watches Don play bass during the Irregulars performance at Earth Day Festival. Has to be one of my favorite pictures. Grandpa and Granddaughter!

  • Eleanor Imogene Hunt MacNaughton

    Jessica and Brendan MacNaughton are the proud parents of Eleanor who was born on Friday, December 9th. We are all so excited.

  • A selfie with Amelia

    Amelia took time from her birthday celebration at the Rec Center to pose for a selfie with Grandpa Don. She seemed to have a great time with her cousins. With a bouncy house, swimming, pizza and birthday cup cakes it was quite a celebration.

  • Coloring Easter Eggs

    Amelia coloring Easter Eggs 2016. This picture really begs for a caption. The eggs are beautiful and the process of coloring themĀ  was a real event. So why are pink tablet’s better when using water along and all the other colors use vinegar? I’m not sure who had more fun Amelia or the adults. Coloring […]

  • Amelia at 3 Months

                      Picture is truly worth a thousand words. We spent the day with Amelia yesterday (Saturday) and had a great time. Being a grandpa continues to be a very graced experience for which I am very grateful!

  • Amelia Joyce at One Month

    Amelia at one month. Proud Grandpa and Grandma!

  • Amelia Joyce Begins the Next part of Her Journey

    Amelia welcome to our family. You have captured our hearts already. You have great parents they love you, will guide you and cherish you. Granddaughter Amelia I hold you in my heart always.