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  • NCCL Distinguished Service Award

    NCCL by Dr. Cheryl J. Fournier At the 76th annual meeting of the National Conference for Catechetical Leadership held in San Diego, Don Kurre, Director of the Office of Religious Education in the Diocese of Grand Island, Nebraska was honored with the Distinguished Service Award.  The award is intended to recognize and applaud the good […]

  • The Move to a New Server

    For various reasons I moved my Blog to a new server. And, as with many projects like this the task took longer than expected. Before throwing the switch for the blog on the new server I thought I’d work out all the bugs. When my host threw the switch pointing to my domain name to […]

  • Pen vs Computer

    I’m touched by the truth in this post from His Nibs: Perhaps my computer had become more of a task-master than I imagined. Unlike the singular relationship pen has to paper, my computer holds all my tasks, so when I open the desktop’s folders, my attention remains divided among the projects I must sort through […]

  • Network cable

    I didn’t know you could cut off your network connection by putting pressure on a network cable. Well that’s just what happened so I discovered. Yesterday morning my computer connected to the network with no problem. I stepped away from my computer for about an hour and when I came back a little error message […]