Cell Phone User Fee

cell-phoneI am in favor of implementing a user fee on cell phones. I see several reasons to set up this user fee.

1)      Loss of revenue from the user tax on landlines. As more and more people drop their landline that revenue stream dries up.  Creating a user fee on cell phones is the most equitable way to recoup lost revenue.

2)      Since State law requires the City to increase its contribution to the police and fire pension funds the City needs to preserve revenue. A user fee on cell phones is the most impartial way to stabilize our revenue.

3)      I’m convinced user fees are preferable and more equitable than other forms of taxation. A user fee on cell phones will enable the city to hold the line on property tax.

4)     I support creating a user fee on cell phones knowing we will need to make hard choices on City spending. The revenue from a cell phone user fee is not new money but revenue that replaces revenue we’ve lost. The urgency and need to manage our spending remains.


2 responses to “Cell Phone User Fee”

  1. Mmmm, I have to disagree with you on this one. A cell phone tax wouldn’t be bad for me since I went from a landline to a cell phone, but how about all those families with lots of kids, each of whom have a cell phone? Couldn’t be sell the golf course instead?

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