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 +===== Course notes =====
 +==== Things to read ====
 +[[http://​​d2r/​archives/​002399.html | An introduction to weblogs]]\\
 +This is an excellent series (two articles) by Diego Doval on starting a weblog. The articles have many links and resources that you will find helpful. ​
 +[[http://​​~rbl/​blogging_101.htm | Blogging 101]]\\
 +This resouces provides information and links on blogging.
 +[[http://​​ | Blogging 101 #2]]\\
 +This website is dedicated to helping the beginning blogger. This site has a list of blogging resources that you might find helpful. ​
 +[[http://​​~zuiker/​blogging101/​ | Blogging 101 #3]]\\
 +A presentation on blogs and blogging. This site is meant to be an overview of the development of weblogs and an introduction to the ways you might use a weblog. The page on blogs anatomy is helpful as you take time to plan your blog. 
 +[[http://​​wiki/​Blogging:​Welcome | Blogging Wikibook]]\\
 +This wikibook about blogging has a wealth of resources for bloggers. (Wiki has been spammed)
 +[[http://​​mfeldman/​blog/​blogging101.html | Tour of the Blogosphere]]\\
 +This site is a session of general orientation towards what blogging is all about, and a quick and easy guide to starting your own blog. The session was a part of BloggerCon held in October of 2003. 
 +[[http://​​blogwrite/​2005/​05/​blogging_101_re.html | Blogging Resources]]\\
 +Blogging 101 Resources. Includes 101 writing tips. 
 +[[http://​​blogging101/​ | Blogging 101 #4]]\\
 +This lens explores the basics of blogging and is part of my ongoing effort to educate people about new web technologies. Includes a list of blogging books.
 +[[http://​​index.php?​id=5 | Why I blog]]\\
 +From Ted's Take
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