Down by the River

don-at-the-river-3I took pictures and cheered Imo on as she participated in the Ground Hoggy Doggy Shadow Splash. It was a great day and Imo survived in great style her plung in the to South Platte river. She and her Co-workers raised over $200 for her jump. Thanks also to the Jack and Patty for their support for Imo’s adventure. She survived and warmed up eventually. I posted some pictures here.

Thanks to Tammy for sending this picture to me.

You’ll find stories about the jump here and here.  This is a link to the story on our TV station here. Larry Lee Britton (City Council Ward 4) plunged on behalf of the North Platte City Council. Thanks again Larry.  Ron Snell, as is his custom, had a great costum.

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