Elect Kurre For City Council Ward 3

Kurre for City Coucil Ward 3The Kurre family moved to North Platte over 21 years ago from Terra Haute, Indiana. We chose to move west looking for an adventure and in North Platte we found a home. Since then all three of our children Jessica, Beth and Ben graduated from North Platte High School and peruse their own adventures. Imo and I continue to make our home on West 3rd Street.

We moved to North Platte when I became Director of Religious Education for the Diocese of Grand Island, a position I still hold.

I am a graduate of Leadership Lincoln County and serve on the Chambers Leadership Committee. I supported soccer in North Platte for over 15 years. I served as Co-chair of the Buffalo Bill Shootout soccer tournament and as AYSO Regional Commissioner and most enjoyably Soccer Coach.

Imo and I served as Co-chairs of Washington School PTA. I was elected President of a National Professional Association and served on the Associations board for 12 years. In May of 2006 I received the NCCL Technology Award for my creative and effective use of technology.

I have the talent to work with people. I am committed to learn and develop approaches to take the greatest advantage of the resources and challenges in Ward 3 and North Platte. I choose to run as a candidate for Ward 3 because I have the ability and skill to help North Platte articulate a vision for the future and make the decisions the Council will need to make.

I will bring freshness to the council and the skill to ask new questions. As a new member of the City Council I will:

  • set up a systematic way to foster dialogue within Ward 3 holding me accountable to needs and interests of the people of Ward 3.
  • continue learning about the City’s administration and operation including budgeting and planning.
  • take time to meet with the other members of the council to get to know them and their vision and hopes for the City.

I understand the role of the City Council is to approve funds for the City’s budget. The City’s administration is responsible for assigning those funds within the limits set and approved by the City Council. I will play my part in supporting limits that hold the line at the rate of inflation and holding the administration accountable for making the best use of the money allocated. We will increase revenue from our community’s growth as the Council continues to foster an environment for quality growth. To increase revenue is a challenge larger than any one person and will require the best thinking of a large range of citizens. I will encourage efforts to bring people together from our community to identify new ways to increase revenue.

I look forward to the opportunity to serve Ward 3 and the City of North Platte. Thank you for considering me for City Council Ward 3.

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