Emmits Down played at Rail Fest

I had the opportunity to listen to Emmits Down play a set at Rail Fest today. They are a great new local group playing all their own music. One lyric in a song the played really struck me. The lyric went, “Take me back to when the street lights meant got to get home again.”

I hadn’t thought of the street light signal to get home is a long time. That must be a universal signal for kids to go home. When we lived on 19th street when the street lights came on we had to be home. We tried to stretch it as much as possible on those good night when the games were great. So we will keep the street lights off for now and listen to Emmits Down for a few more songs. Thanks guys for the image and the memory.

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  1. Hey this is Jeremy Condon from emmits down… thanking you for the kind words… When I wrote that song I wanted to find something universal that everyone could relate to so it’s good to hear that it struck a few memories up in your life… Thank you again for the support…

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