Escape Hatch Plays at Festival

Escape Hatch playing that the 11th Annual Country Bluegrass Show in North Platte Saturday, April 30, 2011. This was my favorite song from the set in the Bluegrass Showcase. I enjoyed preparing for this gig. We added extra practices and Gary (banjo) did a great job in pulling together our play list and keeping us on track. I learned some special licks for this song, my favorite of our set. We vowed to be back for the 12th Annual Country Bluegrass Show’s Showcase. I know I had a great time. Thanks to Morgan for this video. We want to thank David, on violin, for joining the Escape Hatch for this performance.

Many of the members of Escape Hatch are also members of the Flat Rock Irregulars. Morgan joined the Irregulars and plays the violin.

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