Expecting to be yelled at!

We drove down Philip in a car with out-of-state plates. After a few hesitating moves we pulled off to the side of the road. A silver Subaru pickup, who’d been following us, pulled alongside and when we rolled down the window, as my friend reported afterward, fully expecting to be yelled at.

The woman in the passenger side asked, “do you need some directions?”

“No” we replied. “Thanks, we are trying to track a car following us. Thanks!”

The unanticipated kindness was so out of the ordinary for my friends from the big city that we just laughed as he said, “I was all ready to be yelled at.”

I don’t know who it was that took their time to stop and ask if we need help but, I say thank you! It is one of the things we love about living in Rural Nebraska.

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