Flat Rock Irregulars Play at Prime Rib Feed

The Irregulars played for the Prime Rib Feed in North Platte on Tuesday, June 20, 2017. It was hot 100+ and very windy. Yet we had a good time. We so enjoy playing. The Prime Rib Feed is one of the events held during Nebraskaland Days. It is one of the popular events. Lots of good food available during the celebration. We’ve played during the event for a number of years. The gig is always the highlight of our year.

Weather is usually some part of the event. One year my music was blown all the way down the block. We had rain, wind and heat. But we are not deterred by the weather! The music must go on.

We’ve had a number of good gigs this spring. We play at the Honky Tonk BBQ, the Heritage Festival and now the Prime Rib feed.

We’ll be playing at the Maxwell Heritage days in August and at the Fort Cody Music Series on July 20th.

Thanks to Kim Click Paul for the pictures.


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