For the Record

A “Smoke Free Air Act” ordinance was approved by the City Council on first reading at its meeting on May 20, 2008. That ordinance must come before the Council two more time before it becomes “law.”

The ordinance does not prohibit smoking in City Parks. It prohibits smoking within specific areas in City parks. The ordinance says:

Sec. 36-21. Smoking Prohibition.

Smoking shall be prohibited

1) In all enclosed areas in all facilities, including buildings and
vehicles owned, leased or operated by the City, including
common work areas, auditoriums, classrooms, conference
and meeting rooms, reception areas, private offices,
elevators, hallways, cafeterias, employee lounges, stairs,
restrooms, and all other enclosed facilities;

2) Within the fenced confines of any animal exercise area of
any City owned park; and,

3) Within fifty (50) feet of any electric carnival style ride
situated within the boundaries of any City owned park; and,

4) Within the perimeter fencing of public swimming pools and
ball fields, as well as bleachers and grandstands providing
seating for public swimming pools and ball fields; and,

5) Within twenty-five (25) feet of any entrance or exit to or from
the North Platte Recreational Center, or the entrance, or any
exit of the North Platte Public Library.

You will find the a copy of LB395 “Nebraska Clean Indoor Air Act” here.


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