Goals for North Platte?

SnowOn a recent morning program David Bernard-Stevens, Chamber President, ask listeners to share with him their goals for North Platte. I thought the Community Comprehensive Plan 2010 would be a good place to start. Although North Platte is approaching the end of this plan the fourteen goals contained in the plan might be a good place to start the conversation. I listed the Goals from the plan along with an introductory paragraph below. (Taken from the Community Comprehensive Plan 2010)

The following community goals were developed via input from the North Platte Planning Steering Committee and local focus group meetings with special interest groups, in an effort to “highlight” six important elements of the Comprehensive Planning process. These six elements include Community Image, Land Use Development, Housing, Public Facilities, Services and Transportation, Community and Economic Development and Plan Maintenance and Implementation. The following represent general Community Goals for North Platte:

1. Strive to improve the quality of life and sense of community for all residents of North Platte.
2. Continue to foster the value of family in North Platte. Encourage the development of local action to preserve and strengthen families, while emphasizing cultural diversity of the North Platte community.
3. Implement appropriate community and economic development activities to achieve an increase in the population of North Platte by an estimated 0.45 percent per year for the next 20 years, or 2,221 people, 1,130 households by 2020.
4. Provide all residents with access to a variety of safe, decent, sanitary housing types, including elderly households and persons with disabilities.
5. Stabilize and diversify the economic base in North Platte to create and expand employment opportunities for existing households.
6. Preserve and improve the physical appearance and character of North Platte, including the Downtown and the Dewey/Jeffers Streets (Highway 30) and Rodeo Road/4th Street (Highway 83) corridors.
7. Update and maintain the community land use plan and zoning and subdivision regulations.
8. Establish a historic preservation ordinance creating a Historic Preservation Board and Citizens Advisory Board, providing for preservation of historical assets of the community.
9. Encourage preservation of historical sites, homes and/or locations which ultimately establishes historic districts in North Platte neighborhoods and in appropriate commercial areas.
10. Establish a community and economic development program with a process capable of providing both job stability and growth.
Improved jobs for youth and young adults should be given top priority. Maintain a modern utility system. Future public facilities, services and transportation systems will need to be both updated and expanded during the planning period.
12. Initiate an ongoing community planning effort to clarify flood plain issues in the North Platte planning jurisdiction.
13. Encourage an ongoing forum for citizen participation to build consensus for local action associated with improved economic and social conditions in North Platte.
14. Involve the citizens of North Platte in the implementation of the Community Comprehensive Plan, by creating the appropriate task forces.


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