Ground Hoggy Doggy Shadow Splash


Roughly 160 people found their way into the South Platte today for the Annual Ground Hoggy Doggy Shadow Splash. The event raises money for North Platte’s homeless shelter. I didn’t join the plunge but did support the people who did jump into the river. The North Platte City Council sponsored Ward 4 Council Person Larry Britton’s plunge into the river. Thanks Larry! I heard one participant who was all of about 7 say, “It was fun.”



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  1. So yesterday was the Hoggie Doggie Shadow Splash and I had some much fun this year!!! It is a great experience if anybody ever wants to come down and do it

  2. Sydney, the Hoggie Doggie Shadow Splash is always a great event. One of the ways the People of North Platte show their support for the Shelter. I’m sure they would still accept donations. Thanks for stopping by.

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