Imo at Her First Professional Baseball Game

Imo attended her first professional baseball game on Monday at Kauffman Stadium where the Kansas City Royals played the Toronto Blue Jays. Jessica, her boy friend Bredndan and his son where our hosts at the game. Sad to say but the Royals lost their 11th straight home game 4 to 1. But we had a great time. The weather was perfect for an April baseball game and the somewhat meager crowed was very energetic. We consumed all the traditional baseball game food, well almost all, at least a hotdog and large pretzel. We had great seats down the 3rd base line just 10 rows in. Imo was able to see Alex Gordon, from Nebraska play left field. He field play was spectacular but a little weak at the plate. 3rd baseman Mike Moustakas made several outstanding plays in front of us that made the game even more exciting for Imo.








Here we after the game. Jessica brought her KC Bear to bring the team luck.






KC Mascot entertains the crowed during a break in the action.






Imo and Jessica review the pictures from the night’s adventure. It was a great night.

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