Lenten eMeditation – April 12, 2006 #43

In a class I attended recently the speaker said, when we make changes in the way we live to address issues raised by a crisis the changes we make outlive the crisis they were set up to address. For example ranchers began using fences and windmills to provide water to cattle during a drought. The drought ended but the fences and windmills stayed and changed ranching.

Lent is a ritual crisis I face designed to change my life. Lent, as a penitential season helps me develop a new pattern of living that will foster the conversion we celebrate in the Easter Sacraments. My Lenten practice of prayer, fasting and almsgiving call me to live as a disciple.

This is my last eMeditation since Lent technically ends tomorrow with the beginning of the Triduum. I finish this series of Lenten eMeditations with the prayer the US Bishops used to open their document, “Called and Gifted for the Third Millennium.”

“God of love and mercy, you call us to be your people,
you gift us with your abundant grace.
Make us a holy people, radiating the fullness of your love.
Form us into a community, a people who care, expressing your compassion.
Remind us day after day of our baptismal call to service with joy and courage.
Teach us how to grow in wisdom and grace and joy in your presence.”

Thank you for sharing this Lenten journey with me. Wwriting these eMeditations helped keep me focused on my Lenten practice and ultimately on my relationship with God. I know my celebration of Lent has prepared me to celebrate the Triduum and most especially the Easter Sacraments. I wish for you the peace Christ came to make visible to all.

“Lord, in your great love, answer me.” (Ps 68: 14c)

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