Likely to Vote for TIF Projects

NP's 1913 buildingMy review of the documentation for the December 1st City Council meeting confirmed my intent to vote in favor of the two TIF project listed on the Council’s agenda. However, I will listen actively during the public hearings scheduled for these issues before I vote. Today, I see both projects as good economic development projects that will benefit North Platte. These project guarantee growth in our property tax receipts. Besides broadening the property tax base these projects will provide much needed housing and a new spark for growth in the Southeastern part of North Platte. Both projects will also increase our sales tax and personal property tax receipts.

I understand growth and renewal in any part of North Platte has the potential to benefit the whole community. It is important to remember the renewal our downtown cries out for. The new jail, the arts center, and parking lot will benefit downtown. But much remains to be accomplished downtown. We need to find creative ways to fund the renewal and update the infrastructure. We’ve heard that TIF projects are not feasible for downtown because the increment would not be large enough. Surely we can find other ways to pay for downtown renewal. All North Platte will benefit from such renewal even those businesses being developed closer to I-80.


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