Looking at the ’08 – ’09 Budget

I will participate in the Council’s budget work sessions this coming week. On Monday August 11th we will review the budgets of the Library, Police, Development, Golf, Engineering, and Public Service. On Tuesday, August 12th we will discus the Recreation, Fire, Utilities, Promotions, General and other. On Wednesday, August 13th We will finish conversations about the budget with an effort to develop a consensus on final budget numbers to be presented to the public at the September 2nd Public Hearing

The Budget work sessions begin at 4:00 pm in the Council Chambers in City Hall, 211 West 3 street.

As I work through the proposed budgets I am developing a list of question I plan to ask during the work sessions. I’ve listed those questions below. I plan to revise the list as I work my way through the budgets. Please let me know what questions you think it is important for me to ask. Send me an e-mail at npward3@gmail.com.

The budget we work with lists expense of $23,920,053. Compared with an approved budget amount for 2007- 2008 of $23,385,731 with an estimated expenses of $22,457,927 for 2007 – 2008.

The questions I plan to ask include:

  • What specific goals does your budget help the City achieve?
  • Where any services or personnel lost as the result of 3 percent cut you were asked to make?
  • How does your budget help the City move toward down town renewal?
  • What in your budget illustrates steps your department is taking to collaborate with other City departments, County agencies or State agencies to save money?
  • What conservation efforts does you budget support, including recycling and use of recycled products?
  • What are the top two concrete ways your budget strengthens the quality of life in North Platte?
  • What additional information would you like me to have as I consider your departments budget?

E-mail your questions to me at npward3@gmail.com. Mark your calendar for the Public Hearing on Tuesday, September 2nd in the Council Chambers.


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