Maggie and CassyWhile clearing over the weekend I found this picture of our dog Cassey and Jessica’s Maggie. They are no longer with us but were great pets. Cassey was a rescue dog we received from a friend.

I remember how afraid  of loud noises Cassey was. We had to take special precautions with her over the Fourth of July fire-cracker season and during thunderstorms.

Cassey was my motivation for exercising. She always demanded her daily walk. I’d confess to liking it as much as she did. Regardless of the weather Cassey was ready for her walk. She was a good pet.

Maggie was a typical Jack Russell Terrier, full of energy. She could race through our house nearly at the speed of light. She was a great companion for Jessica. We had fun watching the two when they were together. Cassey wasn’t sure what to make of Maggie and didn’t really care to keep up with her.

Fond memories.


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