Dan and Tia McGuireNebraskaland Days, one of the biggest events in North Platte, began today at 11:30 at the Lincoln County Historical Museum. The Nebraskaland Days Board declared the annual event open as Mayor G. Keith Richardson handed the key to the city to Board President Jared Childers. I found it difficult to concentrate on the opening ceremonies as the aroma of ethnic foods wafted over the grounds of the Lincoln County Museum. The highlight of our stay at the Heritage Festival was the cup of home made ice cream. Freshly turned ice cream is one of my favorite culinary treats. The ice cream was provided through the efforts of a Shetland Pony who walked in a large circle providing the energy to freeze the ice cream. I would have overlooked the Heritage Festival and Opening ceremonies if Dan & Tia McGuire hadn’t invited me to go along with them. Exhibits at the Festival included a varity of antique farmachinery. Dan remembers working on one of these IH tractors. Nebraskaland Days continues through June 24, 2006.

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