Network cable

I didn’t know you could cut off your network connection by putting pressure on a network cable. Well that’s just what happened so I discovered. Yesterday morning my computer connected to the network with no problem. I stepped away from my computer for about an hour and when I came back a little error message said, “network cable unplugged.”

“No it’s not.” I told my computer in no uncertain terms.

“Yes it is.” replied the error message.

I checked everything even plugged the cable into a different computer to insure that it was not the computer that was the problem. Still no connection. This morning resolved to purchase a wireless card for my computer I tried to readjust the cable. But, it was stuck. I pulled my desk out from the wall…and bingo, my computer is connected to the network and thus the Internet. Its as if I’d placed a tourniquet on my network connection. Who knew? Well, now I do.

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