New Song for Open Mic

I’m learning a new song for Open Mic this week. I first heard the song at the WTHH Retreat I participated in last week. Dan sang, “The Field Behind the Plow” by Stan Rogers. Here is Rogers singing “The Field Behind the Plow.”

I like the song because of the details of rural life and the hope it contains.¬† “Put another season’s promise in the ground.” This is the first new song I’ve attempted to bring to Open Mic. I want to thank Dan for sharing this song with me and us. I also have a poem¬† from “Ulysses”, by Alfred, Lord Tennyson I plan to recite. I’m looking forward to this. Open Mic is scheduled for Friday, December 11, 2009 beginning about 7:00 pm at A to Z Books in Downtown North Platte.


  1. Good Luck Don! Pat and I want to get to an open mic someday to hear you and the others.

  2. Thanks Jack. It went very well. I am able to play the song. I look forward to you getting to open mic. Please bring your guitars.

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