New Song for Open Mic

I’m learning a new song for Open Mic this week. I first heard the song at the WTHH Retreat I participated in last week. Dan sang, “The Field Behind the Plow” by Stan Rogers. Here is Rogers singing “The Field Behind the Plow.”

I like the song because of the details of rural life and the hope it contains.  “Put another season’s promise in the ground.” This is the first new song I’ve attempted to bring to Open Mic. I want to thank Dan for sharing this song with me and us. I also have a poem  from “Ulysses”, by Alfred, Lord Tennyson I plan to recite. I’m looking forward to this. Open Mic is scheduled for Friday, December 11, 2009 beginning about 7:00 pm at A to Z Books in Downtown North Platte.

2 responses to “New Song for Open Mic”

  1. Good Luck Don! Pat and I want to get to an open mic someday to hear you and the others.

  2. Thanks Jack. It went very well. I am able to play the song. I look forward to you getting to open mic. Please bring your guitars.

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