October Snow

by Don on October 10, 2009

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The call from the NP “Code Red” service (reverse 911) woke me this morning with information on a snow emergency. When I went to bed last night, after a very lively open mic, I didn’t expect the 6 – 10 inches we seem to have on the ground. Our thermometer shows 19 degrees here on 3rd street. Now that’s cold for October 10, 2009. I feel for those people who took off this morning for the “Autumn River Run.” A 5k run through 10 inches of snow in Centennial park might be fun….


Picture off our front porch shows the accumulated snow.  Now this is a Nebraska snow worthy of talking about.


Picture out our back door. I’ll need to find my boots before I venture out into this snow. I promised we’d have a snow blower before this snow hit. Well maybe before the next snow.

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