Old Time Gospel Music Rings Out

Joe James and the Gospel Music Band

On a blustery winter night over 70 people attended the old time gospel concert at the North Platte Senior Center on Tuesday, November 23rd. The Flat Rock Irregulars were part of the musical line up organized and emceed by Joe James. Joe James and the Gospel Music Band opened and closed the evenings entertainment with songs like “When the Saints Come Marching In”.  Other performers included Verlyn Hopkins, Barbara Hansen and Jerry Warfield, and Chester Bruner.

James said, “We will have another gospel concert in December.” He asked people to call him with suggestions for groups to be invited to play. James said he will use the money collected at these concerts to pay for a national group to perform in North Platte sometime next year.

This concert was just one more example of the way people in North Platte create their own entertainment. The musical talent runs very deep in North Platte. You are invited to attend the December concert. Watch for the announcements.

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