O’Rourke Memorial Triathlon 2008

don-08triathlon-redu.jpgI participated in the O’Rourke Memorial Triathlon today as the third member of the “Algorithms” Relay Team. Steven swam, Cindy biked and I brought the team home on the running leg. Well I actually walked the 3.1 miles but it was a great experience. I walked the distance in under 40 minutes. We are waiting for the official time to be posted on the Triathlon web site. Information about the Triathlon is available here. According to event organizers this is the largest triathlon in the state of Nebraalgorithms-2.jpgska with over 400 participants in the three day event. I enjoyed the experience and if possible I would join the “Algorithms” for the 2009 event. The photo of me crossing the finish line was taken by George Hipple Photography.
Picture of “Team Algorithm.” I’m the one with the hat. Cindy came up with our team’s name. I thought it was very appropriate for our team. Someone asked about the name and we pointed them here.


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