Over the July 4th Weekend

Several things I noticed over the weekend of the 4th:
Don-chester-07-09-bCity provides barricades for block parties on fireworks displays on the 4th. I noticed at least 5 blocks took advantage of the opportunity to block off their street.

Watching fireworks from the 7th floor observation tower at the Golden Spike Tower and Visitors Center is a great way to watch fireworks. What a magnificent view of the valley.

What was more amazing for me was the view of fireworks sent up from the city itself. Several people estimated about 300 a minute. The count answered the question how does our town support 19 firework stands? I hope the organizations that sell fireworks to raise funds had a good season.

Beth brought her English Bulldog Chester with her and Jared for a 4th of July visit. Chester didn’t mind the fireworks like Casey did. We had to sedate Casey to help her make it through the celebration in years past.

beth-jared-leaving-2We enjoyed Beth and Jared’s visit. It was short but we enjoyed our time with them and Chester. It is still hard to watch them drive away at the end of their visit. We miss them being closer but enjoyed every minute of their time in North Platte. I must ask, where did the time go?

There was a lot to do in North Platte over the 4th. Reunions, Sutherland’s celebration, the Downtown Street Festival, and the Golden Spike Towner just to name a few of the events that took place this weekend. I am grateful for the people in our community who reach out and plan events for our community. Thank you. This is just one reason North Platte is such a great place to live.

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