Putting up a Parking Lot — Part III

As I said here:

  • Supporting the CRA’s parking lot project requires believing that this project will accomplish two goals:
    • Provide the financing needed to help the Shelter move into a new facility.
    • That redevelopment of the Downtown will both follow and be sparked by this project.
  • I am convinced we urgently need renewal in Downtown North Platte. As I said here, I believe the need for additional parking in Downtown North Platte is open to debate. However, my ability to support the CRA’s project does not rest exclusively with accepting the imediate need for additional parking. Again, as I said here: Providing new parking may enable Downtown businesses to survive during the construction necessary to improve the Downtown infrastructure.  At this writing it seems to me the CRA’s project would be a significant first step in the renewal of Downtown. As a step in renewal I would  support this project.

    Regardless of the outcome of this project, I do hope the Owners, Downtown Merchants and the City will come together to support and enact a plan for the renew of Downtown North Platte. Renewal of Downtown North Platte is in the best intrest of the whole community.


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