Rail Fest 2007

Rail Fest 2007Dave Harrold, Chair of the Original Town Association formally announced today that the Original Town Association will host an annual festival to recognize the contributions the Railroad industry and its employees have made in shaping North Platte, Nebraska into the extraordinary community it is today. The event is scheduled for September 21 – 23, 2007.

‘Rail Fest 2007’ is a unique event that embodies many facets of the world of railroading, including preservation, education, safety, entertainment, modeling and many other rail oriented activities. Our vision is to create a large community supported railroad event bringing together business, government, nonprofit and community organizations in order to celebrate the influences of the railroad industry, preserve our railroad heritage and make a weekend in the city of North Platte a truly memorable experience for our community, our families and our visitors. Visit the Rail Fest website here.

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