Rail Fest 2008

This weekend was Rail Fest 2008. I spend Rail Fest at the pavilion in Cody Park while parts of Rail Fest where held all over North Platte. I worked with Rail Fest entertainment where we had non-stop entertainment from Friday afternoon through Sunday at 5pm. We are still determining the number of people who attended Rail Fest 2008. I would have to guess attendance surpassed our first year’s attendance of over 10,000 people. People from literally all over the world attended this year’s Fest. I was especially proud of all the entertainment we provided. I even had an opportunity to play my guitar and sing as part of the A to Z Group. And I read a poem written by Writer Ray. It was a great weekend but I am tired!

We created a blog for Rail Fest entertainment and I posted on that blog all weekend. Visit the Rail Fest entertainment blog here. The official Rail Fest web site is located here: www.railtownusa.org

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