Rail Fest 2013

Rail Town Logo

Rail Fest is a community project of the Original Town Association of North Platte. The Original Town Association is a neighborhood organization representing the area north of the railroad corridor and within the city limits of North Platte. The group’s primary purpose is promoting growth and rehabilitation within this important part of North Platte, both in terms of a business center as well as a residential neighborhood.

Rail Fests Mission is to celebrate the spirit, teamwork, optimism and sacrifices of the men and women who built and are the life of the Union Pacific Railroad, Bailey Yard and the City of North Platte.

Rail Fest Goals:

To serve as a fund raiser for Original Town and its activities to support the North Side.

To serve as a family centered platform for organizations within the Community to provide education and raise funds for their mission.

To acknowledge and affirm UPRR’s contributions to and the opportunities the UPRR affords the North Platte Community.

Celebrate the bond between the Union Pacific Railroad, its employees their families and our community.

To spotlight the work of the UPRR including Bailey Yard, the Diesel Shop, and other elements of the UPRR.


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