Rail Fest Receives the Rising Star Award

Rising Star Award2Rail Fest received the Rising Star Award during the Business After Hours on Friday. The plaque presented by the “Nebraskaland Foundation, Inc said, ” in recognition and celebration of the historic bond forged by the Union Pacific railroad, its employees, and the North Platte ares, Rail Fest invites all visitors from near and far to share in a truly unique experience.”

Thanks to the North Platte Bulletin for the picture at the left. Read the story form the Bulletin here.

“The NEBRASKAland Foundation, Inc. was established to express as well as enrich the value of Nebraska’s Good Life for our citizens from all walks of life and to portray and promote the quality of its life to our visitors.

“The NEBRASKAland Foundation, Inc. is the official, non-profit corporation formed to assist state government and our fellow residents by contributing to our social, historical, cultural and economic well-being. It is our goal to enhance the pride Nebraskans share in the Good Life and to display this quality of life to guests visiting the Great State of Nebraska.”

Other recipients include Minden Opera House, Lake McConaughy Center, Desert Dome – Doorly Zoo, Nebraska State Fair, and International Quilt Museum. We are in some good company.

rising-star presentationPictured, on the left, President of the Nebraskaland Boundation, Inc. Larry Roth, Members of the Rail Fest Committee: Don Kurre, Kathy Henrichs, Gloria Tyan, Shawn Gartrell, Burnie McNulty and Dave Harrold.

I enjoy working with the Rail Fest Committee. We do work hard and have fun at the same time. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with them on Rail Fest.


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