Something I Noticed

DSCF1459I noticed today that change came to the office supply of bathroom tissue. Our bathroom tissue dispenser is an industrial type that locks the roll. Someone had replaced a role and I noticed the new role did not fit in the dispenser. So what happened? The role is smaller. The role on the right is the new size roll of Bathroom tissue bought from the same bulk supplier. While I did not check the invoice I’ll wager that we paid the same price for this smaller roll as we did for the larger roll. And so today our dollar buys less bathroom tissue than it did yesterday. While I’m sure it doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things perhaps the manufacturer thought they could slip one by us. The package the tissue came in didn’t announce, “New Smaller Size.” It’s just the way it is today.

I wonder in my excessively busy life how much I miss. How much have I overlooked because I was not awake enough to notice.


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