St. Patrick’s Day

Don At Senior CenterMarch has been a great month. First the Flat Rock Irregulars sponsored and organized the third Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Downtown North Platte. We had 33 entries in the parade. The weather was great and the Espresso Shoppe was packed for our performance following the parade. We have such a good time. Several Downtown businesses took advantage of the event and held St Patrick Day promotions. The Lincoln County Historical Museum sold Corn Beef sandwiches as a fund raiser during our performance.

The Flat Rock Irregulars celebrated St. Patrick’s Day by playing three gigs. We started at the North Platte Senior Center, then to Premier Estates and we closed the day playing for the Corn Beef and Cabbage dinner at the North Platte Eagles Club. It was a great day. We did miss Maggi who was not able to join us. We hope you all had/have a great St. Patrick’s Day.

We started St. Patrick’s Day weekend playing for the North Platte Opportunity Center’s St. Patrick’s Day party. We enjoyed the reception and participation. Such a great audience. There participation in our song, The Old Dunn Cow was the best we’ve encountered. The Old Dunn Cow is one of my favorites perhaps because it is an audience participation song.

Irregulars-STPatsDay2014Being part of the Flat Rock Irregulars is one of the great gifts of my life. Maggi, Stu, Ed, Gary and David enrich my life with their music and friendship. We have the opportunity to bring the gift of music to a variety of people.

Thank you to the other members of our band and to the people who invite us to play and become part of their lives. I for one am very grateful. And I look forward to St. Patrick’s Day 2015.


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