Tax Paid in Grand Island

Recently I spent the night in a motel in Grand Island. On checking out I was presented a bill that included $9.50 in tax. As a traveler, I added $9.50 or 14.24% over the room charge to projects in Grand Island and Hall County. I’m not sure what the tax will help pay for perhaps State Fair, road improvements and advertising. Someone spending a night in a North Platte motel would be charge 14.30% in tax to support projects in North Platte and Lincoln County.

hotel bill-2


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  1. I can tell you a little of what your taxes went for – Grand Island collects 5% Lodging Tax (2% for promotion, 2% for improvement and 1% to the state division of Travel and Tourism.) They also collect a 2% occupation tax that goes directly to the Heartland Event Center. I think that is probably the city lodging tax listed above. The rest is strictly sales tax. If you ate at a restaurant and had a beverage to go with your meal, you also paid an additional 1.5% tax on that that is earmarked for the construction of buildings for the Nebraska State Fair. Lots of interesting stuff out there.

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