The Application is in

chautauqua-team-2aWe completed the application to host the June 2010 Chautauqua in North Platte on Wednesday. We took a picture of the team who managed completion of the application during the Original Town monthly meeting. Cecelia Lawrence was not able to attend the meeting so she was not in the picture. Pictured from left to right are Rose Mary, Ann, Don, Murial and Dave. We make a great team and look forward to being part of Chautauqua in North Platte. Click here to read the application (Not including letters of support.)

The application contained over 28 letters of support written by local businesses, organizations, and individuals. We were overwhelmed by the amount of support for Chautauqua in North Platte. We hope to hear from the Nebraska Humanities Council regarding our application by the end of January.


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