Thoughts on 10/2 Council Meeting [Update]

The NP City Council will hold a public hearing on a request to rezone land North of the GPRMC from H-1 Hospital District to PH-1 Planned Hospital District. The plan as I understand it is to build a medical office and imaging center that will be connected to the current Physicians’ Office Building. A new facility is need to address “the need for more affordable and faster imaging services in a non-emergency setting…” I have no problem with adding a new imaging center. However, when I look at the description of a PH-1 Hospital District I found: a 21-item list of permitted uses under the category “accessory hospital facilities, buildings and uses.” Included in the extensive list of permitted facilities, buildings and uses are: travel agencies, restaurants, helicopter landing areas place of worship, minor banking facilities and most surprising, mortuaries and cremation facilities. So a crematory is an accessory hospital facility. I hope people will share their thinking on this issue during the public hearing.

199-ml-mainasset.jpgThe Council will also consider authorizing the fire department to proceed with a grant award for a mobile live fire trainer. I’m inclined to vote for this authorization. Providing equipment for the department to offer adequate and effective training to the City’s firefighters is a proper expenditure of taxpayer dollars. The trailer will also allow the department to be less dependent on equipment located outside the city. Well-trained firefighters are an asset to the city. The trailer will not only benefit the North Platte firefighters but will be a resource for other departments in our region.

I’m also doing research on the expected request for the Council to approve an amendment to the Downtown Redevelopment Plan. The property in question is located in the 100 block on the South side of East 6th Street. The proposal is to remove several buildings and construct a parking lot. I expect the request to amend the Redevelopment Plan to be on the agenda for the October 9th special Council meeting.

Full agendas for Council meetings are available on the City’s web site here. Let me know what you think about these issues. Leave a comment or e-mail me at

UpDate: It seems I needed to ask one further question, “What does a H-1 Hospital District allow?” It seems to allow the same facilities, buildings and uses as a PH-1 Planned Hospital District allows. See Chapter 56 ZONING, ARTICLE XIV. H-1 HOSPITAL DISTRICT, Sec. 56-412. Permitted uses. You will find Chapter 56 here.

Sec. 56-412. Permitted uses.

In District H-1, no building or structure shall be hereafter erected, constructed, reconstructed, moved or altered except for one or more of the following uses:
(1) Hospitals for human care.
(2) The following accessory hospital facilities, buildings and uses:
a. Home health agencies
b. Hospice
c. Medical, dental and related offices
d. Medical and dental clinics
e. Outpatient care facilities
f. Medical testing and laboratory facilities
g. Educational and conference facilities
h. Medical research and diagnostic facilities
i. Acute and chronic care facilities
j. Treatment for drug and alcohol addiction
k. Treatment for contagious diseases and mental illness
l. Ambulatory and special care facilities
m. Red Cross facilities, and helicopter landing areas
n. Pharmacies, drug stores, gift shop and laundry facilities
o. Recreational and daycare facilities
p. Place of worship, minor banking facilities and travel agencies
q. Cafeterias, restaurants and vending areas
r. Barber and beauty shops
s. Apartments and dorms that are hospital related
t. Rest homes, convalescent homes, mortuaries, cremation facilities
u. Medical, dental and nursing schools.

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