I See Three Priorities for North Platte

Maintaining our essential services, supporting an environment for growth, and fostering an atmosphere of collaboration are the three priorities I would like to see the City of North Platte address in the next four years.

The first priority is to take care of our essential services; services like streets, utilities, and safety including police and fire service, code enforcement, library and parks. These services are the foundation on which our city stands. The essential services are services we do together far better than we can do alone. These are services that are important for us to manage and maintain as these services are the skeleton that support our life as a city. Our children played soccer so I know the importance of quality parks and the cooperation between the city and non-profit groups.

The second priority is to support and sustain an environment for quality, diversified and sustainable growth. True security for our city comes from growth, which supports essential services. The City and the City Council must support an environment in which growth is not only possible but also encouraged. The City must be aggressive in providing opportunities for dialogue to create a shared vision that directs our growth. We have the technology to share information and broaden the participation in the decision-making that ensures the growth of North Platte.

The third priority is to foster an environment of collaboration and cooperation between and among the city, the county, organizations like DEVCO and the citizens of North Platte. The key question that will guide our work in this area is, “What can we do together more effectively and efficiently than we can do alone?” Current collaborative efforts like the 911 center and other interlocal agreements between the City and County are examples of the collaboration necessary for our City and County to grow. We need to see ourselves, as one community where working together is an important door into the future we desire.

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