Topics for a Council Work Session

I’m hoping that during the next City Council Work Session we will discuss:

  1. Institution of a Cell Phone Tax.
  2. Recycling within the City.
  3. The plan for Down Town.
  4. The CRA Parking Lot Project.

I’ve also wondered if it would be possible to create an ordinance on panhandling for North Platte. I understand Grand Island has one.

During the League of Nebraska Municipalities 2009 Midwinter Conference I participated in a session on effective council retreats. Pamela Caskie the City Manager in Alliance gave an informative presentation. Perhaps we could bring her to North Platte to conduct a retreat for our council.

I wonder if it will  be hard to find financing for Down Town improvements once we bond the match for the South Buffalo Bill project. Because we have a high debt service and pension costs it will be difficult to actually reduce our property tax requests. So bonding the South Buffalo project may make it harder to bond any improvements needed for down town. I wonder are we about to or have we already abandoned our Down Town? I plan to ask that question when we consider the next request to bond a project.


2 responses to “Topics for a Council Work Session”

  1. Here’s an interesting question for you Don. I assume that the city of NP put in a list of requests for local projects to be funded to the Governor’s office for the federal stimulas package that dealt with infrastructure. What was on our list and was the downtown project included in it?

  2. David, very good question. I am sorry to say I do not know the answer to that question. The list that was submitted was not share with the Council. I do know that only projects that were shovel ready and not already funded were considered. We are not shovel ready with Down Town and as a result would not meet that requirement. I will ask about the list. Thanks for the push.

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