Tower Crane Blooms in North Platte

CraneI’m fascinated by large heavy machinery. So when this tower crane bloomed in North Platte I had to go have a look. The crane will be used to construct
Great Plains Regional Medical Center’s expansion. GPRMC is adding a five story patient tower.

The pilings the crane rests on are at least 20 feet deep. While the pilings were installed several weeks ago the crane itself went up in just a couple of days. It seemed to dominate the sky this afternoon when I came home form work.

I’m told to boom itself floats like a wind sock so that the crane is not rocked or pushed over by the wind. The crane, I heard, was used in the expansion at the UNL.

I hadn’t expected to see this type of crane dominate the North Platte sky line. At the moment it has to be the tallest structure in North Platte. The picture I took as the sun set with my smart phone dose not do justice to this marvelous machine.

If you’re driving around in North Platte and look up toward the sky I’m sure you will see it. The crane is a symbol of the growth happening in North Platte. So Cool!

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